Below are the requirements and courses that students grades 9-12 are required to take in order to be eligible to graduate.

A list of all departments appear on the right hand column. Click in a department name for course descriptions within each department.

  • All (NHS/SCJVS) seniors must meet the following requirements in order to participate ("WALK") in the graduation ceremony at Northwest High School:
  • MUST PASS the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT); Class for 2007 and beyond (refer to the NHS Student Handbook for state law and exemption information)
  • MUST COMPLETE at least 24 credits; meet all state and local board requirements
  • PAY ALL CLASS DUES - $15.00 per year.
4 English
  • 9th Grade: Intro to Lit. & Comp. or Intro to Lit. & Comp. (College Prep),
  • 10th Grade: Lit. & Comp. or Lit. & Comp. (College Prep),
  • 11th - 12th Grade: American Lit. (college prep course), English 12, or College Prep Writing
3 Math
  • Algebra I, Geometry, and one other math course
3 Science
  • Physical Science, Biology, and Earth Science
3 Social Studies
  • World Studies, US & World Studies, and American Government
1 Health & P.E.
  • 1/2 Health 1/2 P.E.
1 Fine Art
  • Band, Chorus, Art, Color Guard
1 Technology
  • Computer, Accounting, Industrial Tech., SCJVS

Mandatory "intervention" classes count as "elective" credits only. They do not meet specific "discipline" credit requirements for graduation!
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