Trapped in Time

Marching season is back, and with a new year comes a new theme. They are working tirelessly to perfect their music and moves. With an amazing theme, awesome music, and good fundamentals, the Marching Mohawks are bound to qualify for state finals!

Weekly News

Congratulations to the Marching Mohawks for receiving an excellent rating at OMEA State Marching Band Finals!

Band Rankings


Rating: II
Band: 2nd Place
Percussion: 2nd Place
Auxiliary: 2nd Place

OSU Invitational

Rating: II
Band: N/A
Percussion: N/A
Auxiliary: N/A

South Point

Band: 3rd Place


Rating: II
Band: 3rd Place
Percussion: N/A
Auxiliary: 2nd Place

Dawson Bryant

Rating: II
Band: 2nd Place
Percussion: 2nd Place
Auxillary: 1st Place


Rating: I
Band: 2nd Place
Percussion: 2nd Place 
Auxiliary: 4th Place 

OMEA State Marching Band Finals

Rating: II

2018-2019 School Year

First Last Grade Instrument
Emma Koch 9 Alto Saxophone
Pearlon Maynard 9 Alto Saxophone
Rebecca  Blaine 10   Alto Saxophone
Abigail Colley 10  Alto Saxophone 
Lily  Rockwell  10 Alto Saxophone
Hollie Crabtree 11 Alto Saxophone
Alex Smith 11 Alto Saxophone
Trinity Hopper 12 Alto Saxophone
Levi Crank  Tenor Saxophone
Jennifur Deemer 9 Clarinet
Hannah Boldman 10 Clarinet
Maddie Damron 12 Clarinet
Hayley Gray 12 Clarinet
Miranda Sandlin 12 Clarinet
Aaron  Jenkins 10 Euphonium BC
Braden Taylor 12 Euphonium BC
Emma Carter 11 Field Commander
Jacob Lynn 11 Field Commander
Karleigh  Lewis  9 Flute
Maria Velazquez 9 Flute
Katie Arguetta  10  Flute/Oboe 
Carleigh Baker 10 Flute
Cassidy Damron 10  Flute
David Buckhalter  11 Flute /Piccolo
Alyson Chambliss 12 Flute
Sydnie  Jenkins 12 Flute
Kaylee Crabtree 9 Guard
Aby Shepherd 9 Guard
Makayla  Isaac  10 Guard
Tylan Osborne 10 Guard
Jared Breech 11 Guard
Jordan Glenn 11  Guard
Heylee  Lockhart 11 Guard 
Gracie Mason 11 Guard
Colleen McClay 12 Guard
Abby Messer 12 Guard
Jordan Piatt 12 Guard
Grace Seison 12 Guard
Brianna Kelly-Chandler 10 Horn in F
Becky Scaff  12 Horn in F
Carrie Webb 12 Horn in F
Michael Bayless 9 Percussion - Pit
Ashley  Crabtree 9 Percussion - Pit
Matt Miller 9 Percussion - Pit
Logan Timmons 9 Percussion - Pit
Aidaen Gee 12 Percussion - Pit
Patrick Redoutey 12 Percussion - Pit
Darian Gillette 12 Percussion - Bass 1
Kady Wamsley 11 Percussion - Bass 2
Kenzie Boehm 10 Percussion - Bass 3
Grant Robinson 10 Percussion - Bass 4
Andrew Johnson  12 Percussion - Snare 1
Emma Simmons 9 Percussion - Snare 2
Keirah  Potts 11 Percussion - Tenors 
Makayla Boehm 12 Tech
Chris Rachford 9 Trombone
Sarah Barlow 11 Trombone
Kari Lawson  11 Trombone
Thomas Hobbs 12 Trombone
Gatlin  Browning 9 Trumpet
Jonathan  Ratcliff 9 Trumpet 
Josie Myers  10 Trumpet
Alexis Frost 11 Trumpet
Kayla Bender 10 Tuba 
Brandon Hobbs 12 Tuba
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