Project MORE
Project MORE stands for Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence. The program matches volunteers with students struggling in reading. The goal is to significanlty increase reading skills and see a greater number of students pass the AIR Assessments. Mentors do not need to have a background in education. They are given a brief but thourough training and provided with all the tools needed to work with struggling students: lesson plans and materials, detailed activities, and lots of support. While on the surface the half-hour sessions build fluency and comprehension in students, there is more going on than meets the eye, volunteers say. Not only does the student markedly improve academic skills, his or her self confidience skyrockets; not to mention the bonds being formed between mentor and mentored. At Northwest Elementary, Northwest High students are among the many vlounteers. Parents, community member, school staff, and Shawnee State University students are also active mentors with Project MORE. Currently Northwest's Project MORE is serving 65 students, 15 of these are IEP students.

For more information call and ask for Lora Jenkins at (740) 259-2250 ext. 3311
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